Best Shoes to Wear With Maxi Dresses and Skirts

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If you are having difficulty in deciding what shoes to wear with your maxi dress or skirt, then you have come to the right place. Essentially, there are a lot of footwear options to choose from. But to make sure that it is the perfect pairing, we have compiled the top seven types of shoes that will go with this outfit this season.


Flat Sandals

You are most likely going to reach for your flat sandals first when you want to wear a long flowing outfit, especially for a casual occasion. Indeed, they are perfect for the summer. Simple slides like Birkenstocks are back; just make sure that the design is sleek. If your outfit is fun and flirty, try the pom pom multi-coloured sandals. You can even pair the outfit with flat gladiators to give your look an edge.


Boho Shoes

A maxi dress or skirt is the perfect excuse to rock boho shoes. They come in a variety of styles in shades of browns and blacks. For colder seasons, you can opt for ankle booties, and during warmer weather, sandals with bohemian-inspired details are a must-have. Look for tassels, thick straps, buckles, and cowrie shells to add sophistication.


Heeled Sandals

If you are looking at wearing the outfit for a more formal event like a fancy dinner, pair it with strappy heeled sandals. They will elongate your legs, perfect for a little peekaboo through thigh-high slits. Do bear in mind that if your outfit has a busy print, stick to neutral and minimal heels, and vice versa.



If you love your heels but want something more summery, pair your maxi out with a pair of clogs. However, opt for the open-toed ones as they will pull the 70’s look together stylishly well. As clogs are made partly or completely from wood, they give out an earthier, gypsy vibe.



To give you a big boost in height, especially if you are more on the petite side, try a pair of chunky heeled platforms. Depending on the style of your maxi dress or skirt, you can choose between platform sandals, pumps, and even boots. But get them in velvet as these are in this season for that solid dose of elegance.



Casual sneakers and sport shoes will complement any plain maxi dress or skirt. However, stick with all black or white sneakers only. Other colours are just not in at the moment. Please note that it is important that your socks do not show to pull of the ultimate casual look. To dress it up a bit, put on a bomber or denim jacket.



It may seem unlikely at first, but loafers can also be styled with this outfit. But unlike sneakers, loafers can be a perfect way to wear your long dress or skirt to office. Pair the look with a blazer and you are set to go.

Depending on how you plan to wear the outfit, whether casual or formal, you should be able to narrow down your options, or at least have an idea on what to look for, with the help of this little guide. Happy shopping!