How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Beloved

When it comes to finding the perfect band to slip on the finger of the woman that you love, you will realise that perhaps, finding a soul mate was actually simpler. One of the reasons that it can be so difficult to find the right ring to propose with is usually because of all of the meaning associated with it. With just one piece of jewellery, you need to be able to proclaim your love and commitment. Not to mention, your soon-to-be fiancée should also be able to show it off to her girlfriends with glee. In case you are stressed out about the selection process, don’t be – here are some tips that can help you out:

Consider Her Current Collection

Before you head out to look at engagement rings Fountain Gate, you first need to get a sense of your girlfriend’s personal style. After all, you want it to suit her beautifully and in order to do this, you should have a sense of what she likes. This warrants a quick peek into her jewellery box to give you some idea of what she might want. First, look at what metals most of her pieces are made from – is she a woman who prefers gold over silver or vice versa? This will provide you with a good starting point. The next thing to look for would be size. Does she wear pieces that are large and noticeable or is she more comfortable with something delicate and understated?

Sneak a Peek Into Her Dream Options

Of course, you should also be aware of what your girlfriend’s dream choice would be. After all, this is what will make the whole experience magical. One of the ways that you can go about figuring this out would be to take a look at her social media accounts. Pinterest and Instagram should give you some idea of what your sweetheart’s luxury choice would be. If this is of little help to you, it is time to turn to the next weapon in your arsenal – her best friend. There is a good chance that your darling has shared all of her jewellery requests with her best friend and so, she is an excellent source of information. At the very least, she will be able to get this information in a more casual manner from your girlfriend.

Find the Perfect Fit

Now, there is little use in buying your future fiancée a ring that doesn’t fit. It will simply slide right off her finger and she will have to postpone wearing it until you get it re-fitted. Where’s the magic in that? This is why you need to brush up on your thieving skills a bit. You will need to take a well-fitting design from her jewellery box, without alerting her to the fact that it has disappeared. This is why you should avoid borrowing one that she wears quite often. This is the best way to ensure that you get the right fit.

Voila, the way that you can make sure that you propose with a band that is going to want to make any girl say ‘yes!’.