How to Choose the Perfect Table Cloth for Your Dining Table?

We all regularly entertain the idea of enhancing our spaces using different materials. For different themes, we tend to change the look of our houses using different methods like lights, frames and even a tablecloth. It is always important to have a couple of table cloth colours in hand so that you need not to panic when yours get dirty or damaged. Always stay prepared.

There are many different styles to match the environment of your house. 


Perfect for a home that is light and bright but neutral and enhanced using accent structures and bold colours. You can always choose a neutral coloured tablecloth so that it can be updated with colourful flowers and dishes, anything that will make the space pop brighter and make it look more welcoming.


Perfect for a space that is filled with artful and interesting objects and accents. Eclectic table cloth will give your guests something to talk and adore. Make sure your table cloth is a statement that will awe your guests the minute they see it, more preferably a tablecloth with light prints with dark and bold prints too.


To ensure a modern look, it is highly important that your tablecloth fits in with the rest of your space. Elegant and charming prints on the table cloth will enhance the effect.  The tablecloth must be such that you will enjoy fine dining on it and it definitely must not go unnoticed by your guests.


Traditional table cloths are very pretty and elegant, especially if they blend in with the rest of your décor and theme. The tablecloth is generally floral but lace ones are also very nice and provide a distinctive look. Look for lighter coloured ones with fine detailing or embroidery.

Beach Style

If you live close to the beach or you simply want a laid back and beachy look then this is the ideal type of table cloth for you. Remember: the table cloth has to go in sync with the rest of your casual home decor. You can either look for beachy prints on your cloth or just a beachy coloured tablecloth. The colour scheme and the light weight fabric with consistently ooze the vacation and free-spirited effect.


There are two styles of this kind. The table cloth is either of a heavier and coarser material or it is bold and will make your table pop with colour. This tablecloth will look splendid with any style but looks best when the entire house is themed to the craftsman style.


It is a perfect choice to provide a cabin home feeling. A worn burlap or checkered tablecloth will cater its style. While neutral colours are a good choice, colourful checkered tablecloth will make it pop and shine brightly in your home.


The perfect vacation feel at home. Every time you dine it will immediately transport you to your vacation at home. The tablecloth is usually filled with floral and leafy patterns and is of colours that represent vacations.  Make sure the colours are really bright enough to transport you to the tropics.

Whatever tablecloth style you ultimately choose, it has to fit in and blend in with the rest of the house and its décor. A sore thumb is definitely not appealing.