Leather Strap Maintenance 101

Leather watch straps have a well-earned reputation for their solid construction and long-lasting toughness. And that’s not by accident—these straps are deliberately crafted to endure the harsh conditions of a bleak day of deep-sea fishing, the punishing sunrise on the golf course, and the unavoidable wear and tear of salt and moisture. Leather straps can accommodate all of this.

If you take care of it correctly, your authentic leather watch band can also last a long time.

Here are some of our key tips and advice for taking care of your leather watch belt.

Are Leather Watch Straps Waterproof?

Although some watches are watertight, hand-stitched leather watch belts are not water resistant and neither are other genuine leather straps. No matter whether it is calf leather watch straps or alligator leather strap, real leather watch straps are natural products that behave like skin, which means they are extremely brittle and will never be absolutely waterproof. Water will damage the strap of the leather watch and cause it to stain, discolour or deteriorate excessively.

If you’re going to get your leather band wet, the first move is to softly wipe off the water. Use a gentle, microfiber cloth to pat your strap, and then let it air dry try to accelerate the process with a hair dryer! While it is difficult to shield the leather fully from spray, you can use a leather protector or a beeswax product and apply it gently to your leather belt for extra protection.

Do Leather Watch Straps Stretch?

Since leather is a natural fibre, indeed, it spreads a little by itself. Over time, the temperature of your forearm and the oils in your hands will spread out the leather so that it stretches more naturally.

Do Leather Watch Straps Smell?

Leather inherently has a new, dark, oaky scent—but it doesn’t smell awful. That being said, if you wear a leather belt every day, the holes in the leather will trap substances over time. This indicates that you will need to clean it regularly.

How to Clean a Leather Watch Strap

If you don’t let your watch band breathe, it might be time to wash your band. To scrub your leather watch belt, follow the following steps:

1. Clip the band from your watch and clean both surfaces with a fresh microfiber cloth. Doing this would ensure that any accumulated dirt will not damage the fabric in the next step.

2. Then, dampen — do not drench — a jewellery cotton and incorporate a small amount of gentle hand soap or saddle soap to the cotton (about the size of half a dime). Do not vigorously brush the leather back backwards and forwards; instead, use tap motions and move in soft circles, add gentle pressure and pay more attention to dirty spots. Gentle soap is best, since tougher soaps will strip off the leather.

3. Gently clean the leather clean with yet another damp cloth. Shouldn’t use too much liquid as it can inflict leather damage.

4. Give the strap more than enough time to completely dry before you wear it once again.

5. Apply your favourite leather product or conditioner to smooth and secure it if you really want to. Read the directions for the conditioner product.

Take good care of your leather belt, and it’ll hold a timeless look for decades to come.