Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

A wedding is a very stressful occasion as you will have to look into so many aspects at once. Of course you want everything to be magical, however if you sweat it, it might not turn out to be as magical as you expect. It is vital that you be prepared for anything that goes wrong at the day of the event; from wardrobe malfunctions to sudden change of weather. It will be easier if you have backup plans for any such emergencies so here are some mistakes you need to avoid to ensure the event runs smoothly.

  1. Doing anything before the guest list

The most boring activity is obviously, making the guest list. Who would like to sit all day, thinking about all the relatives and friends to invite for your wedding? However, that is the most important as the biggest expenses are related to them, i.e. the venue, catering, seating etc. Of course you are excited to go dress shopping, pick out flower décor, go cake tasting and all other fun things, however this needs to be done first. It is essential that you sit with both families and finalize the list since the last thing you need is making a deposit at a cozy restaurant for 50 people and adding 100 more last minute, forcing you to change the venue. Deposits are mostly nonrefundable so you will lose it for sure.

  • Overwhelming your partner

The wedding is usually the bride’s affair however; you need to make sure you involve your partner too. He would love to see to the entertainment, photography and other aspects that he can. However, you should not overwhelm him by showing him all those wedding magazines, asking him every night what flowers to pick out. It will irritate him if he truly has no interest in the wedding flowers or bridesmaid dresses or wedding jewellery. He would have no idea of the trending colour palettes, flower types or 916 gold price Singapore. Instead, take one night per week and discuss whatever you need. The wedding planning would be easier if you two split the responsibilities so that everything gets done with no problems.

  • Trying to drop two sizes

Unless you are extremely determined to lose weight, let’s face it. You cannot drop two sizes in a few months. you must have found the perfect dress but it just doesn’t fit right so you order two sizes smaller and swear you’ll work hard to fit in, but disaster strikes when it’s just a week before the wedding and you cannot even imagine getting into it. Also, crash-dieting can make you ill and weak, ultimately ruining your whole wedding day experience. So be mindful of the dress size.