Planning Your Big Day? Here’s the Essential Wedding Checklist

Got the big ring on and getting ready to plan the wedding? Here are some tips to help you out with the exciting task that is coming up ahead.

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Get Ready With the Guest List

Making a guest list for the wedding will one of the many hectic things you will have to do when you are getting ready for the wedding. When you are making the guest list, you will have to consider how big of a budget you have for the wedding, the capacity of the venue and even the style and the type of the wedding as well. However, you will talk to your in-laws and your parents and make sure they give you an exact number of people who they are planning to invite to the wedding. You might have to do some unhappy omissions and regretful additions when you are making the list as well.

What Is Your Budget?

Get ready to come up with a budget as soon as you are ready to plan for the wedding. Sit down and go ahead with the budget. Sit down and decide with a pen and a paper and make sure you know how much you are able to spend for the wedding. You can also consider any donations, early wedding gifts and other financial gifts your family and friends have to offer to you and your better half.

Get Ready With the Dresses

It is the right time to go ahead and design your dress for the wedding. Go ahead and talk to several wedding dress designers about the dream dress you want. If you have a great idea of what type of wedding you want, you will be able to go ahead and design the dress as soon as possible as well. The wedding dress has to go ahead and sync it up with the theme of the wedding.

What about the Catering?

It is the right time to go ahead and make bookings with a good caterer that you love. You might have to go ahead and go for several food tasting rounds in order to decide which one you are going ahead with. Although it would take several months for you to decide on the one that you are going ahead with, it would be worth it. You can customize your wedding menu as well.

Get Help

Coming up with the best wedding and its plan will be hard if you are on your own. And think about it, you might not get the best help from your to-be spouse or you might not even know the best catering services or entertainment options or even the best of the venues. You can go ahead and hire a wedding planner for the wedding if you wish. This will take a great amount of work off your hands. This is also wonderful if you are working while planning the wedding. Talk to some friends about the wedding planner and get some ideas from them. You can do several interviews and find the right one who understands what you want.