Special Features of a Nullity

Two people enter into a matrimonial bond because they think they are the perfect partners for each other. If this works out as expected they remain in that matrimonial bond until death parts them one day. However, we should remember that there are moments when such a matrimonial bond does not work out. Some people find this quite soon and others have to wait for a long period of time to find that out. If the matrimonial bond seems to be not working out there are two main ways of walking out of that matrimonial bond. One is divorcing one’s spouse and the other one is getting a nullity.

The nullity or the marriage annulment Singapore or any other place has to offer comes with special features which make it different from the divorcing action.

Time Required to Ask for Nullity

If you are planning on getting a nullity you can do that during the first three years of your matrimonial bond. There is no need to wait until three years have gone by as with the divorcing procedure. The considered time period can change from country to country. What we should know is that when you want to end the matrimonial bond within a short period after getting married because the relationship seems to be one which the partners cannot consummate, then, you have to go for a nullity.

The Status You Receive as an Individual after the Nullity

Once the matrimonial bond is ended with a nullity you are going to be a single person. Nullity erases the matrimonial bond from record. It appears as if you were never married in the first place. Therefore, after a nullity you are going to be a single person once again. If you are divorcing your partner there is still a record of your matrimonial bond so people know you have been married before.

Spousal Support

Usually, nullity does not come with provisions such as spousal support. There is no need to support your partner after a nullity as the matrimonial bond is no longer existent. Sometimes you might have to pay some kind of a spousal support only during the time the proceedings are taking place.

Court Appearances

When you are asking for a nullity, even if this action is taking place with the consent of both parties, involved the plaintiff has to appear before the court for a short session.

Nullity is the finest choice under certain circumstances. A good legal representative can help you work with this option and get the solution you seek.