Tips for Choosing Comfortable Work Clothes for the Summer

As the warm months loom ahead, at least until March, it’s time to upgrade your work wardrobe. During the hot days, it’s very important to stay comfortable to carry out your work without distractions. Dressing properly for work in the summer can be a challenge. It can be burning hot outside, and when you are in the office, the air conditioning is at near arctic levels. It can be tough to reconcile the skin-bearing summer fashion trends with your work needs. If you are facing this dilemma, here are several tips to dress well for work during the warm months:

Choose Breathable Fabrics

First of all, do choose fabrics that are breathable and lightweight. Meaning, the fabrics you choose should be able to keep your skin cool and allow proper airflow to prevent showing highly unsightly sweat stains here and there. The best fabrics for the summer are cotton, rayon, linen, and silk. These fabrics are known for soft, comfy wearability for prolonged periods in hot weather. So, start shopping today for women’s silk shirts to show up stylishly at work ready to battle the heat, both literally and figuratively.

Do Add Layers

As mentioned above, your office would probably be freezing cold even if it’s Tatooine-hot outside. So, pick tops that are suited for layering. Pack outerwear like a thin blazer or a jacket that you can put on when the air conditioning gets too cold. You won’t be wearing the layer when you are outside, of course. But it’s best to be ready as the new work year kicks off.

Avoid Fitted Tops

Even if it may get cold inside the office, it’s highly recommended to avoid wearing fitted tops. When the cloth touches your skin too much, even a little bit of sweat can make the fabric cling to your skin, leading to aforementioned sweat stains. Therefore, always wear loose tops. Pack an external layer of clothing, as mentioned above, to tackle the office air conditioning. But overall keep the outfit breezy and loose fitting.

Focus on Semi-Formal and Business Casual

It’s the summer so the temptation is high to don a sleeveless top or a pair of casual shorts. But resist the temptation. Even if your office doesn’t enforce a strict dress code, stick to business casual or semi-formal styles in the summer when going to work. Wearing summer casual would definitely incur stares and maybe even a reprimand from HR to dress “professionally”.

Accessorise Footwear that Reveal the Toes or Heels

The summer months are definitely not the time to shove your feet into leather shoes with rubber soles. Keep your feet cool by wearing footwear that reveals your toes or your heels. This will prevent nasty sock or shoe smells as you walk during the hot day to lunch or errands.

Don’t be Afraid of Bright Colours

It’s the summer, the season of flowers and greenery, so don’t hesitate to wear bright colours to work, even in professional styles. You can definitely dare a fuchsia top over pale pink during the warm days.  So don’t be too afraid to do so.

Follow the above tips and you will be able to dress comfortably and stylishly to work during the hot days.

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