To Wed with Flair and Flavor

A wedding is a celebration of the union of two people who love each other and vowed to stay together through sickness and health. Families and friends gather together to bear witness to this memorable occasion for the couple. It is solemn and meaningful, but it doesn’t have to be boring.


Gone are the days when weddings are formal and stuffy. It is no longer about picking the right shade of white or choosing the best china to complement the dishes. Weddings have become a much more elaborate affair.


Couples these days want to marry with flair and flavor. They want their wedding to be unique and memorable not only for them but for their guests as well. It has become their way to share their love story and show their personalities.

Because of this, the attention to details that goes into planning the wedding has expanded from the venue, the after party, down to the accessories that would be used like the bridal earrings. Wedding themes are incorporated from the “save-the-date” notice up to the wedding souvenirs. Here are five things to consider in picking a theme to add flavor to your wedding day.


  • When is the wedding day? Before picking a theme, check the season and forecasted weather on your chosen date. It would be unfortunate to pick a summer theme only to be rained upon. Or if you’re decided on a theme already, knowing the season would help you make it work. After all, having a winter wonderland theme doesn’t necessarily have to be during a snowfall.
  • Where is your venue? The venue you choose could make or break the theme you picked. It would be hard to pull off a beach-themed wedding in a Catholic church.
  • Do you want it to be formal, semi-formal, or laid back?It would be challenging to walk on a sandy beach in high heels if you pick a formal attire for a beach wedding. Your venue and the season would give you an idea what dress code would fit the theme.
  • What are you and your partner’s personalities? We’ve mentioned that the wedding theme is a way to show the combined personalities of the couple. For example, if you have contradicting characteristics that complement each other, you can highlight that by making it into your wedding theme.
  • How did you meet and fall in love? This could be the central theme of your wedding. If you meet in a bookstore and you bonded over books and literature, you can have that as the focus of your theme.

In choosing a theme for your wedding, sit down with your partner and collaborate. It would be a great bonding experience and would make the whole wedding planning more memorable.