Top Tips for Buying Lingerie for Plus Sized Women

Gone are the days when curvy women had no choices when it came to lingerie. Nowadays, you can certainly buy plus size versions of most types of sexy garments. If you are still wondering how to buy lingerie for your above average body, here are some tips that will help:

Right Size Matters…A Lot

As with any other type of clothing, size matters the most when it comes to lingerie. You would want the clothing items to snugly fit around your frame. If something is too tight, it might make parts of your body bulge. Lingerie is made from flimsy fabrics so tearing is a major risk when the clothes are too small. If the lingerie is too big, it just won’t look too flattering on your frame.

That’s why you need to know what size fits you before you buy. The thing about lingerie is that most shops don’t allow women to try them on for size. You can’t do it anyway when buying online. Therefore, take out your measuring tape and start sizing your body from neck to the knees. The measurements for hip girth, thigh girth, around chest, waist, and arms will be very important when buying items like body stockings.

That being said, some lingerie might be stretchy. You can also consider going for pre-measured items like womens plus size hosiery. But knowing your measurements will allow you to determine which large size suits you the best.

Choose Any Colour You Like

Most women buy lingerie in black, thinking it’s the only elegant colour. It’s really not. A colour variety can make your outfit choice interesting and appealing. Therefore, don’t hesitate to choose lingerie in bright, non-black colours. Red, purple, and dark green can also be really elegant colours you can wear for show or on a date. For fun, you can go with cutesy colours like pink, yellow, bright green, and blue hues. To up the sexy looks, you can go with sheer colours like beige and pale pink. Shinier colours are great for showing off.

The Fabric Matters Too

The fabric can determine whether a lingerie item is comfortable to wear for long periods and whether it’s durable. Be careful when buying bras and tights in extremely flimsy material. The outfit may not last long on you, and it’s easy to damage when washing. Silk and satin look luxurious, and are also great for women who might sweat a lot.  If you need to wear the outfit for prolonged periods, this about choosing a durable and sweat-resistant fabric.

Think about Extra Features

Lingerie can vary a lot in design and style. When buying, you may want to think about certain features like the number of items included in the outfit, peekaboo features, sheerness, and styles like crotch-less or intact. Some outfits may have open parts for the front or the rear. You may also want an outfit with praiseworthy design elements like embroidery and lacing. It’s worthwhile to think about these additional features you might want when choosing lingerie.

Don’t forget to check out as many styles as you want to choose the one that you would be most comfortable wearing. Keep the above tips in mind and you will be able to find lingerie that complements your frame beautifully.