Up for some picture taking?

It is entertaining to observe adults trying not to give in to the fun of taking pics in a booth, what is even more funny is having to see your mom clumsily holding on to a board that reads ‘’lol’’ While throwing her head back to laugh like a silly school girl, that’s what photo booths do the people, it makes them loosen up and shake off a little dress so who is up for some clicking?

Did you know that best photo booth Singapore comes with the option of live videostreaming. This allows for your video clip to play via the slide screens that are placed throughout the events venue adding to the ‘’Wow’’factor. They can be in a form of well wishes or a message to sum up the purpose of the function or something totally random like a dubmash.This application that allows users to lip syncis very popular in all social media forums and is in high circulation on Facebook and twitter. Taking a picture in a booth is super-fast and easy the actual challenge lies in getting the whole group together for the pic and then getting everybody to agree on one pic that turned out with everybody looking dapper. Ask any professional photographer and they would vouch for same. Apart from events such as wedding and parties photo booths can also add the fun element to professional gatherings such as product launches and road shows without completely deviating from the objective of the event. What we carry on to the next day is not dates and days about the moments that made us laugh. In order to break free from your organization’s event being just another 3 hours of speeches and presentations it is suitable to set up an activity that will break the ice and loosen everybody up

Photo booth services are usually delivered in form of a service package that will be agreed upon by the service provider and the renter prior to the actual event. The booth is usually set up at the entrance to the event so that everybody has the opportunity to get their picture clicked when they are looking their best. Props and sign boards that are held up for pics too come with the service and there are generic ones as well as customized props that are available upon request.

Not tried this yet? U have too. It is a lot of fun!